Monday, February 06, 2006

Minis News 6 Feb 06

Right then, back to square one ... God this is annoying.

Copplestone Castings Evil Characters

New pack for Mark's 10mm Warmaster-alike range. £5.25 from the Copplestone site.

Games Workshop News

Based on the UK site ...

New sneak peeks:
- Erestor (LotR elf)
- Tau XV25 Stealthsuits
- Orcs & Goblins' Warhammer Giant

New advance orders:
- Dwarf Thorgrim Grudgebearer on Throne (18/3/06, pictured)
- Tallarn Officers (2 figures) (all 40k 11/3/06) ... these Tallarn figures are basically repackaged existing IG figures
- Tallarn Rough Riders (1 figure)
- Tallarn Desert Raiders (3 figures)
- Tallarn Assault Weapons (2 figures)
- Tau Empire Army Set (English)
- Tallarn Imperial Guard Squad (10 figures)
- LotR bitz now on pre-order

Additionally, previews from various game shows:

- Dwarf Beer Cart
- Forest Goblins from the forthcoming Orcs and Goblins refresh
Troll, ditto
Dwarf miners
- Vostroyan guard in City of Death terrain
- Basilica Administratum terrain
- Sanctum Imperialis terrain
- Manufactorum terrain
- New Biovore (me no like much)

New Privateer Previews

Various Hordes packs:

- Blighted Nyss Archers
- Wolves or Orobos
- Skorne Praetorians
- Trollkin Scattergunners (pictured - this is the only one I like)

And since I wrote this post the first time, Everblight Seraph.

Perry Previews

- For a forthcoming Waterloo 1815 line, French Infantry components
- ... and Nassau volunteer Jaegers

Eureka Indians

Powhatan Indians, from Eureka Miniatures. From the site:

Designed & sculpted by Alan Marsh
Figures in brackets denote the number of variants. Variants are supplied randomly.

100POW01 Powhatan Chief (1)
100POW02 Powhatan Shaman (1)
100POW03 Powhatan Warrior (8)

Very nice too.

TAG Turks

From TAG's Renaissance Turkish range, a group of officer figures. I won't include pictures since the site takes so long to load:

- Officer with Mace 1
- Officer with Mace 2
- Officer with Sword
- Kazan (group with cooking pot)

Ilyad Previews

Parsifal v3 and Brown Orc Champion. More pictures here (Parsifal has with and without helm options) and concept art here.


New Forge World Stuff

For February ... more Cadian stuff. Wish I could afford this (on the up side, I don't have to paint Cadians):

- Sabre Defence Platform (pictured)
- Cadian Vehicle Crew
- Searchlights

Gripping Beast Ancients

Spanish Command and Ligurians here (pictured), here, here and here.


Having been away for a couple of weeks, I wrote up a decently long update tonight (honest!). However, as is becoming more and more frequent, fell over in the middle of it, and lost the lot. Before you start mumbling "idiot!" I do run other blogs, notably at work, and do use a client - MarsEdit. I just hadn't got round to using it for this blog. By the way, there's a scheduled downtime for later tonight.

Anyhow, this is exasperating. I'll try and write up a slightly shorter version of said update now. But I'm also investigating taking this blog off of blogger and putting it somewhere safer.