Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Minis News 26 Dec 05

First off, and quite astonishingly, my Hasslefree order arrived on 24 December, which means it was either posted before I ordered it, or about 4 seconds afterwards. As I remember I made the order around 8pm 22 December and paid on 23 December. I'm stunned.

I have a pile of stuff to review, and will hopefully start over the next few days. Included are the Confrontation Initiation Set, the Urban War Starter Set, some terrain stuff and some of the recently-purchased individual minis. I may also get round to some of the recent GW purchases as well.

Just doing news for now though:

Dark Age Announcements

Out of the blue, Dark Age announced three Warband boxed sets for Genesis - one each for the Bane, Coil and Strike factions. Each contains a unit leader and five troopers. The Bane and Coil warbands also include a special edition mini, "exclusive to these boxsets" (I'm kind of assuming this is one of your six models, difficult to tell). Available in the US from early January and priced at $26.99 each.

New Reaper Minis

New on the (recently revived) Reaper site (all models 28mm unless specified otherwise):

- Celebration Sophie (72mm sculpt by Bob Ridolfi, pictured)
- Kharg, Reven Sgt (by Ben Siens)
- Athak, Crimson Knight Sgt (by Adam Clarke and Kevin Williams, pictured) - don't like the model so much but love the shield ...
- Reptus Clutchlings (by Dennis Mize, no less ... pictured)
- Lupine Rager II (by Ben Siens)


Olley's Armies Combo Preview and Xmas Card

... is a mountain troll, out for some cross country skiiing. Available from Bob in the new year:

GW Preview - Eldar Rangers

From Warseer, apparently the new Eldar Rangers will be available around the time of the City of Death (CityFight follow-on) codex:


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