Thursday, January 12, 2006

Minis News 11 Jan 06

Ilyad pics

All earlier seen as greens - the orky thing looks a little less questionable when painted up though:


Hasslefree Second Birthday Limited Edition

The montage picture's a bit too large to put here, but I strongly recommend you take a look at it. A limited edition version of their Mjolnir model with a choice of heads, available from Hasslefree right now. Just bought mine.

New Reaper Greens

At (unsurprisingly) Reaper's greens page. All a bit ho-hum, I'm afraid:

- Dust Devil by Jason Wiebe, pictured
- Half Dragon Warrior, Jason Wiebe
- Lamia, Ben Siens
- Archmage, Julie Guthrie
- Giant Ape Lord, Jason Wiebe
- Orc Shaman, Jason Wiebe

Black Scorpion works in progress

Visible at their workbench page:

- marine command (Iraq line, pictured)
- marines checkpoint (Iraq line)
- musketeer dog (umm?)

Olley's Greens

Some Goblin Riders added at the Olley's Armies workbench page


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