Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ravage Magazine 33

The latest copy of this French magazine arrived while I was away. Reading the tag line, "le Magazine des jeux de strategie fantastique", I'm reminded of a story my father in law told me about his being in a French restaurant and asking for instructions about how to eat snails. "Avec sentiment, m'sieur", responded the waiter, "avec sentiment!". In French, you have to read this stuff with feeling.


Most of this stuff we already know, although in some cases only from the last few days (Zut. Missed out on le scoop). So I'll stick to what I didn't know, in fragments:

- Rezolution Wave 6 - less models than preceding waves. Two new female Ronin minis, and a large Stomper Warbot.
- Wargods Wave 10 - will be Typhon (children of Set), same format as previous waves though (various sets and a limited edition special)
- Ilyad - coming after the greens we've seen, a Brown Orc Champion in February, and in March a new Commander Parsifal sculpt, a new Imperial Centurion, Vorag Barbarians with two handed weapons, Shaman and Killer (already seen) Barbarians. The howling crest barbarians we've already seen are meant to be the first tribe of three that they'll bring out, as well as various slaves. Also planned - Barbarian Minotaurs, more Brown Orcs and Grey Orc Lancers.
- GW - apparently the City of the Dead stuff will be accompanied by modular, hex-based, plastic terrain. Heroscape, anyone?

The rest

I need time to sit and read some of this in more detail. As you can see there's a lot to the magazine. It's great on a long plane ride - the text is very dense, and the page format is quite large. It helps to get a sense of how various games work, whether they're exciting or not. So forgive me if the following isn't particularly detailed, I've pretty much skim read it at this point.

- Privateer Press Hordes preview. Nothing new I think, though a) I'm not as familiar as I'd like to be with the Hordes stuff and b) I need to re-read in detail. IF you have a pressing question you think might be answered in this article, mail me or post a comment.
- GW Dwarfs preview
- Urban War - Junkers article. A couple of sample armies. These new Junkers legionnaires, in particular, have skinny legs. I'd say, by the way, that their models are some way behind their concept art, which is superb.
- Racer Knights of Falconus. Not interested.
- Mechwarrior, Age of Destruction. Ditto. I play heroclix and MK1 with the kids occasionally.
- Blood and Gold - Part 2 of an article about Warmachine mercenaries. Privateer in particular gets a lot of coverage in Ravage, partly because they have to have some way of getting their rules out in French. So a bunch of this is translation of rules and cards. In return, Ravage gets a great cover, which is basically Hordes artwork.
- Infinity - supplementary rules. Again a translation.
- GW Mercenaries in Warhammer. Nice article on background and collecting. And a complete list of where to find all the rules for each of the Dogs of War. Not so difficult is it, GW?
- Confrontation Army Lists, part 3 - Dwarfs of Mid-Nor and Tir Na Bor. For each army, a theme, a tactica and some painting tips.
- Rezolution Battle Report. APAC vs CSO. I know next to nothing about this game. I'm not so impressed with the minis.
- A Campaign for Freres d'Armes (which I think is Fenryll)
- Scenario for Chroniques de la Lune Noir (Ilyad)
- Brothers against Brothers - A scenario for Starship Troopers - basically bugs vs bugs. Looks like a gardening documentary.
- Painting Guide - sponsored by French retailer StarPlayer. This is part 1, preparation. Very nice article. Includes a piece on stripping metal models. An indication of why Rackham models don't have slots in the base, in the article they just clip the slots off.
- Painting Guide - a masterclass on painting the Fenryll limited edition serpent hunter, seen previously on this site. The paint job in question is fantastic. I note in his paint list he still has enough of the old GW Orc Flesh Wash left to use on this model.

After this, a collectors price guide for clix (hmm, Mage Knight one, don't give up the day job) and some articles on computer games.

And that's it.


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