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Minis News 21 Jan 06

I didn't go away, at least not completely. I've been in California, then New York. Back now, for a week at least.

Fair amount of stuff to catch up on. Starting with the various minis news since last time:

Black Hat Martian Cephalopod Preview

For their Martian Empires range. 240mm high, designed to fit on a 120mm square base, and due for release in February. "the Tripod will be joined by Cephalod Infantry, artillery and a handling machine in due course."

Infinity February Releases

- Ariadna: Uxia McNeill Boarding Shotgun, Special Ariadna Service.
- Yu Jing: Zhanshi Hacker
- Yu Jing: Invincible with Multi Rifle
- Yu Jing: Ninja with Combi Rifle, previously only in starter pack
- PanOceania: Knight Hospitaller (pictured)
- PanOceania: Fusilier Hacker (pictured)


And the first Haqqislam figures are expected in March. Here's a preview:

More Ilyad Greens

... from their barbarian range:

- Trencher (??)
- Killer (pictured)

... and from the Chronicles of the Black Moon range, Knight of Justice (also pictured)


New Rackham Models

... for French release in February:

- Sulphur Master (pictured)
- Sessair Centaurs
- Soïm
- Wind Warriors 2
- Behemoth Mountaineer
- And another Behemoth Mountaineer

Privateer Press Previews

More stuff for the very promising looking Hordes release in April ...

- Hoarluck Doomshaper
- Archdomina Makeda
- Prophet of Everblight
- Baldur the Stonecleaver

All except the last pictured below, in that order.


Freebooter Green

Available at the beginning of February for E11.50, 40mm high, Long John, PIR 004, a rather nice pirate figure.

GW news

I have the latest UK White Dwarf (314), I'll post a review tonight hopefully. In the interim, at sneak peeks:

- Tau Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunship
- some uninspiring Giant Spiders

New on UK Advance Order:

- WHFB - Novel - Inheritance by Steven Savile
- 40k - Novel - Faith and Fire by James Swallow
- 40k - Graphic Novel - Imperial Gothic - collection of Dan Abnett's comics stuff
- LotR - Cirion and Madril, £10, blister of 2 figures
- LotR - Murin and Drar, £10, blister of 2 figures
- LotR - Khandish Horsemen, £20, box of 5 figures
- LotR - Khandish Horseman, £5, blister of 1 figure
- LotR - Khandish Warriors, £6, blister of 3 figures
- LotR - Khandish Chieftain, £10, blister of 2 figures (mounted, unmounted), pictured
- LotR - Khandish King in Chariot, £18, boxed set

and, as Tabletop Gaming News points out, the French site now has the Tau Army Deal on pre-order. Contents:

- 1 commander in exo Crisis armour
- 2 exo Crisis armour
- 3 exo Stealth armour
- 16 Kroot warriors
- 12 Fire Warriors
- Sniper Drone team
- 6 Vespids
- 1 Hammerhead
- 1 Limited Edition Ethereal with Shield Drone
- 8 Gun Drones

Hasslefree Previews

Some Kev Adams goblins, in his distinctive early Citadel style, a goblin archer (pictured) and a goblin with two-handed sword.

... and from the other Kev, an equally distinctive old and crusty barbarian. And also (phew) released this month, "Signee", as well as some the greens you'll have seen previously.


Perry News

You know the drill. Fantastic miniatures (possibly the best historicals on the market), slightly obscure era. These from the Sudan: a British Stretcher party and a Mahdist Command group. From the Miniatures Page: "The next release will be ready for the end of this month, which will include Highlanders and British cavalry for the Sudan, the first seven packs of Napoleonic Nassau and four packs of AO's, a Melee pack, two foot comand packs, and a Men-at-Arms pack."

Olley's Armies Dwarf World

Bob Olley posted news of the availability of the first castings from his Dwarf World dwarven villagers series, previously seen here as greens. £9.99 a box, with a resin base coming from Simon Harris (also seen at Hasslefree and Forge World). I like the first set (pictured), less so the second.

Forge World Releases

Mostly new Tyranids ...

- Tyranid Malanthrope (pictured - impressive but I have a lot of smaller ones to paint).
- Tyranid Ripper Swarms
- Tyranid Rippers
- Tyranid Brood Nest
- Black Templar Brass Etch

Mongoose B5 miniatures

I've studiously avoided knocking B5 and concentrated on dismissing SST. However Mongoose are going into the B5 infantry market with a group of Minbari, who look more like they're staging a demonstration:


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